MAXXIJ is conceptual fashion house created by designer MAXXIJ.
Graduated from London College of Fashion, Seoul born Korean designer MAXXIJ, a promising talent awarded Best Designer SS20 Seoul Fashion Week and made a successful debut at London Fashion Week in SS21 season.
MAXXIJ's design philosophy is about liberation and recreation of identity though fashion.
The designer presents expressive collection each season with creative concept.
MAXXIJ collection embodies the idea of "expressive, experimental and liberating experience through fashion, and captures the free spirit of MAXXIJ."
The brand aims to create bold, expressive and forward, fearless vision of fashion.
“옷을 입는 행위 자체가 예술이다.”
MAXXIJ 는 실험적인 디자인을 선보이는 컨셉츄얼 패션 하우스 입니다.
디자이너의 철학인 마스커레이딩(패션)을 통해모든 사람들은 자기의 아이덴티티를 트랜스폼 시킬 수 있다고 믿습니다.
21SS London Fashion Week
2020 Best Designer Winner Seoul Fashion Week
2020 10 Soul Designer
Galeries Lafayette (Shanghai) Popup Exhibition
Galeries Lafayette (Paris) Popup Exhibition
19SS Best New Designer Winner (Soulista Award)
2019 10 Soul Designer
2019 Best New Designer Winner (by Jby)